Hyo Setsu Dojo

Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship



Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship, and the core of the curriculum.


The art of drawing the blade. This art combines beauty with the precision of the art.


Techniques using the long bladed pole arm, similar to a western Halberd.


The staff, approximately 4" long traditionally thought of as a "walking stick"


Hand to hand techniques. These techniques are intended to be an introduction to Tanto (knife) skills.


Techniques involving the use of the japanese short dagger, or knife.



Montreal Kenjutsu Dojo teaches a koryu or “old style” of kenjutsu. The style has been passed down 24 generations from the style's founder. The curriculum still holds the elements taught by the founder such as Kenjutsu, Jojutsu, Iaijutsu, and others.

The school is accepting dedicated and disiplined students from all walks of life (Students must be 18 years and older). Classes are conducted at the Loyola high school campus every Monday from 8pm to 10pm. Visitors are welcome, please call ahead
(514) 557-3006 or by emailing quinn@montrealkenjutsu.ca in order to gain access.


This section is intended for current students and as a way to give them easy access to help with the incidental costs of running the school. As such Hyo Setsu Dojo has set up the below Paypal links if any of the current students wish to contribute.

A recommendation of $5 CAD per student per month "subscription" is suggested, but not enforced. The subscription will set up a regular transaction every month of $5 CAD. The "donation" is if the student wishes to contribute a one time fee of his or her choosing. These funds will be used by Sensei as he sees fit in the administration, and operation of the school.


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Feel free to contact us with question, or anything else. We love to hear from you.